AdBlock! The most popular extension for Chrome and Safari

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Most of the people in the world of internet place advertisements on their websites which are responsible for their daily expenses and website expenses. In other words, these ads are a source of revenue for website owners.
But these ads, which often open automatically when you click on each link and open several tabs in a row, cause users headaches.

AdBlock is a great extension to get rid of this controversy and keep you safe from these ads forever.

How to use:

  1. Open Chrome or any other browser on your computer
  2. Click the Adblock link
  3. The red button below appears as Get AdBlock Now, click it
  4. Click on it to go to another page, then click Add to Desktop
  5. The download will start and the extension will be installed
  6. If you close and open the browser, it will be better, you will not get any more website ads.
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