Apple Company: Apple had two tough competitors from start to finish.

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In 1976,  Apple company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wani at a cost of 66666 dollars.  Their first place of work was Mr. Wozniak’s warehouse.  Their first logo was a picture of Newton sitting under an apple tree with Apple computer lNC written around it, but after failing in its first sale, Mr. Jobs redesigned the logo for a new design, which  It also brings a new logo with the new computer, this time the computer was called the second Apple.  The new logo was a picture of a half apple.

Mr. Jobs described it as taking knowledge from the tree of knowledge and eating part of it, which has new knowledge in Apple, but the color of the new logo was a colorful bow that Mr. Jobs did not like, then removed it.  And presented in other colors.  Which is now only seen in two colors, black and in some places white, indicating that it is from the original residence.

In 1977 Mr. Ron Wani sold all his shares to Mr. Jobs for over 800$.
Apple had two tough competitors from start to finish.  IBM and Microsoft have twice caused major losses to the company and once fired the founder of Apple Computer.
The company’s first compatible computer was the Macintosh, which led to an increase in the company’s capital.  The second computer to be defeated by Microsoft, It was the Macintosh II, which was capable of speaking.

Apple has partnered with IBM in the 1994 to have a powerful processor and built new computers with the AIM processor.  It is said that after the departure of Steve Jobs from Apple, all the products failed and this led to the purchase of NEXT Company, of which Steve Jobs was the director, which led to the return of Steve Jobs.

This time around, Apple recaptured the market with the production of the iMac computer, after Bill Gates, the CEO of Microsoft, began doing good deeds for hurting his partner company, Steve  Jobs.  Did, to regain his fame.

It is said that with the introduction of iMac, the face of technology has changed in the market.  And competition between companies has intensified.  We surprised the world once again with the release of our new iPad product, which was capable of recording up to 1000 songs, but due to the fact that the product was not stolen, it was released on smartphones and iPhones.  IPhone customers spent hours behind stores as they tried to get a new cell phone.
In 1911, Apple suffered a major defeat.  And after the death of Steve Jobs, Tom Cook became the company’s director.  But bringing the iPad to market brought Samsung’s new Apple Corps to court, because Apple’s products were very much like the tab samsung.

Some time later, due to the failure to pay proper attention to the rights of the employees, several employees of the Apple store in China committed suicide, so he went to court again.

Apple had a good market as long as Steve Jobs was alive, and the iPad could be considered one of the best-selling products on the market.

Apple tries to keep customers happy from the moment they are satisfied and until they leave the store.  It has hired several people to guide one customer.  Whatever test the customer wants, they do it to make sure of the product and set up their store called Apple stores.

Apple’s organization is generally the first director (Tom Cook), the second vice president, the second vice president of design, and the chief executive.  And the third level is marketing, design and working on products under second level research.
The secret of Apple’s success may be its new and first residence.  For the general public it’s a kind of creativity, like a new product like the iPhone X that doesn’t have a knot.

Apple Corps has not released any more creatives since the death of Steve Jobs.  Google has built automatic cars, Samsung has introduced new tablets, Microsoft and lBM have introduced new Windows and computers, but Apple has not introduced new things in these years, which is not good for development.

Apple has always taken into account the demands of its customers, because it was successful and tried to show creativity in its employees, and hired employees based on that creativity.

As a result, Apple has a lot of creativity and innovation for talented employees and great marketing, but if it fails to bring its new products to market, it will hurt the economy before other people.  And now Apple’s customers are turning to other companies’ products.

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