Barah Lashora, Tehsil Jamrud, District Khyber

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Barah is a natural spring where people come from far and wide all year round. Barah water is known to cure all diseases if one bathes in it. People come here for sightseeing and parties. Meat is a favorite food here. Barah is located in Lashora Chapari, about 8 km from Jamrud Bazaar. You can easily reach here in 20 minutes from Jamrud as their road is paved. The people here are simple and hospitable.

Local car is very rare here, so you should have your own car. There is no shop here, so you have to bring your necessities from Jamrud. This place is family friendly, there is no danger here.

Barah is famous for its spring water, which flows from the mountains. This water then flows forward and along the way there are medium ponds, of which Barah is the most famous pond.

Barah Water Pond

In the summer season, many people come on Fridays and Sundays to enjoy the pool of their choice and enjoy their hand-made food.

My opinion is that if you want to stay here for the night, don’t stay because there are no hotels to spend the night here.

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