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  • Application that can help you record your android mobile screen on your computer.
    If you want to record your mobile screen on your computer, I will share with you a free application or program that can help you record your Android mobile screen on your computer.Most of the friends who play the game want to record some scenes and moments of the game or share them with their … Read More
  • Ransomware virus
    There are two types of the virus.The first type reduces access to your computer, meaning you can’t use your computer properly. Either locks your screen, or locks your WiFi, or loses any other program you need. The second type locks your files. People who work in agencies destroy and lock their Word, Excel and other … Read More
  • Tips for detecting Phishing Emails.
    Phishing Emails The simplest and easiest way is for hackers to send phishing or fake emails which are easily hacked by most people. Often when we receive an email from you, people do not see the email sender’s email, and do not notice whether the domain from which the email was sent is correct or … Read More
  • Instagram took advantage of the ban on Tiktok in India.
    Instagram, a popular social media photo publisher, has made a huge profit after the ban on Tiktok in India. According to international media reports, Instagram, under the umbrella of Facebook, which is one of the most popular for photos, has now introduced a feature called (Reels) for making videos similar to Tiktok. According to the … Read More
  • Apple Company: Apple had two tough competitors from start to finish.
    In 1976,  Apple company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wani at a cost of 66666 dollars.  Their first place of work was Mr. Wozniak’s warehouse.  Their first logo was a picture of Newton sitting under an apple tree with Apple computer lNC written around it, but after failing in its first … Read More
  • Sony has entered the Bug Bounty program for the first time.
    If you are a Security Researcher, you can win up to 50,000 dollars for finding flaws in Sony’s PlayStation, Accessories, PS Network.HackerOne is a website designed specifically for hackers who find flaws in the products, websites, applications and programs of large companies and receive thousands of dollars in rewards. You too can use your knowledge … Read More
  • Cracked Software
    People are randomly sharing and advising others to download every cracked software from “getintopc” or other platforms. Let me clear one point here. Problem: All the cracked softwares are reversed enginered using unethical hacking tricks. Such hackers always have intend to steal some data from the users laptop. So they are doing so without the … Read More
  • If you have the following (10) signs, it means that you are also a smart, sharp and intelligent person:
    You may not like quiet people, or think that these people will be simple, such people often like loneliness and are immersed in thoughts. Highly intelligent people usually talk less, they spend some time thinking about what they hear or have heard and find appropriate answers. They prefer silence to useless and unimportant talk. Of … Read More
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