Cracked Software

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People are randomly sharing and advising others to download every cracked software from “getintopc” or other platforms.

Let me clear one point here.


All the cracked softwares are reversed enginered using unethical hacking tricks. Such hackers always have intend to steal some data from the users laptop. So they are doing so without the user even notice anything.
Even if they are not stealing data. Using cracked software prone someone to several vulnerabilities in this dark world.

Everyone know that while installing cracked software one need to turn off their antivirus. As every cracked version include at least a simple malware torjan or even sometime ransomware. What these different viruses do? They collect ur information and share with the hacker. This information may include a lot of things.

Also, ransomwares encrypt all the files and ask for money to decrypt. Further, there are tons of ransomware and most of them have no decryption solution till date.

It is important to be well aware of these risks. As many people who are enrolled in Digiskills are students. They have a lot of study or project related content in their laptop and personal files. Just think if these files get encrypted. You will have no way to get those back.


  1. Avoid using unnecessary cracked versions and purchase tools if you can afford.
  2. Otherwise use such tools on a separate device that have none of your personal or study related material.
  3. Maintain a daily or atleast weekly backup of your project data in External HDD.
  4. Never keep your family picture or personal files in system that is using cracked tools.
  5. Use online cloud space with automatic backup tools to regularly backup your data.
  6. Keep all your personal and study related files in a single drive like D or E or F whatever and encrypt it using windows bitlocker. Never decrypt this drive while using or installing cracked software.
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