Create a blog and make money

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The best and fastest way to make money online in Pakistan is blogging.  Blogging refers to the posting of content (articles, news, information) on a web blog.  You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.
My suggestion to you is to create a web blog, because people make thousands of dollars every month on it.
You need less money (domain cost and host cost) to create and run a blog.  Free hosting services are also available, but you will not be ranked in Google Rankings and will not make a good profit and your free hosting may be blocked due to overcrowding.
If you want to haven’t a problem with web blog hosting and always be active, buy annual hosting and domain.
You do not need any programming to create a blog, you can create a web blog with the help of WordPress.  WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) and is used to create a website or blog without the knowledge of coding.
You can easily get paid by creating a blog or website, but your site needs more visitors or traffic.
Whenever your website or blog finds visitors you then apply to Google Adsense and they give you ads that you will publish on your blog and in return Google pays you.
You can also place ads for local companies on your web blog in exchange for money.

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