Facebook Friendship

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The Facebook owner turned his attention to Facebook when he felt distant from his classmates. Mark wanted to connect with his classmates and connect them with each other, so he came up with the idea of ​​social media which has now found millions of fans. The numbers are linked in a variety of ways (in the form of page, group, friends and fans).
Everyone on Facebook likes to find their favorite friend in the virtual world and send a friendship request, the other party sees their activities, sees their other friends with them and either accepts or rejects the request. It also makes real friends. True friends are those who see each other live (in everyday life, in class, at work …).
Facebook has made things easier, if someone likes it, accept the friendship or block it. But in the real world, lumbering elephants are exposed by the aggression of speeding midgets. Finding the right partner in real life is not an easy task, because you will choose the partner of your choice based on your origin, level, nature, tradition, religion and some other criteria. Will extend friendship to him or else will be a friend of salam kalam.
Now Facebook has done this against some of the traditions and principles of friendship that make it easy to be friends and non-friends. Commenting on the same, he must have polluted himself. Because your goal will be praise, positive feedback, advice, correction or something good, but the opposite party will be hurt, he will turn to irony, negative feedback and intentional action. But don’t forget that friends also write jokes, jokes and other insults in comments to each other on Facebook, which is not in the tradition of friendship. Joking with your real friend also has its place but on Facebook it also becomes public which is in conflict with tradition.
Does blocking your real friend on Facebook mean that you have broken up with him or her, cut off contact with him or her? I don’t think so! Because the above examples illustrate that Facebook is in conflict with the tradition of original affiliation. You will block your cousin or personal friend but you will not be able to block them, because they have an example of a nose and a wolf. Yes! I agree with you that friendship brings frustration and resentment but that too does not mean block, because it is in the heart and waiting for reconciliation.
So, a Facebook friendship that is always in conflict with the traditions of the people of the world is different from a real friendship, so who doesn’t compare the two. Real friends should respect the sensitivities and nuances of friendship even on Facebook. Because the child knows the irony, I think it’s a good idea to give advice instead, and every message should be written clearly so that friends don’t take it for another purpose, and then it’s hard to apologize. Also, friends on Facebook (unreal) have snake sleeves, so you have to take them off to the screen (look them in the eye of the beholder), then make them friends.

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