Facebook patients

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According to a new study, 350 million people who use Facebook today have Facebook Addictive Syndrome (FAD).

People with 2/33 of the following characteristics are infected:

  1. Tolerance:
    Facebook users with this symptom often feel unhappy, spend more time on Facebook and thus seek their own satisfaction and happiness, a habit that can be very detrimental to them in the future.
  2. Signs of withdrawal:
    This symptom is seen in those Facebook users who are not able to use Facebook for some time due to daily activities, so the following symptoms are seen in the mentioned person: Anxiety, Everywhere Discussing about Facebook in and thinking about what would have been posted on Facebook in his absence.
  3. Rapid changes in social and normal life:
    This symptom is seen in people who use Facebook due to a rapid decrease in meeting, having fun or exercising with their family, friends and relatives and writing something on Facebook instead of sitting with their family, Chatting with someone on Facebook instead of meeting friends, chatting with someone on Facebook instead of having fun and playing sports. The most dangerous thing is that there will be a time when people with these symptoms will not be able to answer their family’s mobile phone calls due to their busy schedule on Facebook.
  4. Life in an imaginary world:
    Instead of hanging out with their family or friends and having meetings with them, they try to do the same through Facebook and think that virtual meetings can take the place of real ones.
  5. Fake friends:
    8 out of 10 Facebook friends of these people are fake and they don’t even know them well, if this happens to you then know that you are a Facebook addict.
  6. Absolute addiction:
    When they meet new people, they are told that we will talk to each other on Facebook, many of them say that we will meet again on Facebook.

If they get a like, comment or friend request on their Facebook, they are very happy and if any post gets less likes or comments, they get upset, even if it is a good post, some of them get paid. Removes from the book, because it has received few likes.

When she makes a post, she checks her likes repeatedly, to see who liked the post. These people are busy on Facebook even till they fall asleep and when they wake up, the first thing they do is check their Facebook. Some of them are also involved in important matters of life on Facebook such as meeting and eating with people, driving and walking on public roads and so on.

Most people think that Facebook is designed in such a way that it can cause more people to suffer from this disease and in addition to spending more time on Facebook, it also harms their social and family relationships due to its use.

The disease must be treated
The most dangerous thing is that today’s young people spend most of their time on these things, always being online and logging into other people’s accounts and looking at their profile pictures and wasting most of their time on private chats and Facebook calls.

Now the question is what should we do about it? It is important to note that the treatment and elimination of this problem is not easy, as more and more people around the world are infected with the disease.

The primary responsibility for this problem lies with the addict himself, in order to balance his life and not spend so much time in any work that harms his social, family, educational and other aspects of life.

In addition, family heads have a responsibility to monitor their children and adolescents and to warn them of the dangers of excessive use of Facebook and the Internet, as well as to keep them away from devices such as cell phones, computers, iPads and other devices. Easily possible.

Our government and politicians, instead of deliberately spending millions of rupees on social media to campaign for themselves, have instead spent on public benefit, development projects, job creation and reaching out to the poor and so on. Prevent excessive use of Facebook and social media and keep your community free from all forms of extremism.

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