How can I take a screenshot from a computer page?

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Sometimes it is necessary to have pictures of Windows or some files as needed, which should be attached to your message for a clear and unambiguous message. To do this, I invite you to the following article.

To take a photo:

1. Do one of the following
Click the (Print Screen) button to take a full page photo.
To take a picture of a particular window or folder, first open that window or folder and then hold down (Alt) and click the (Print Screen) button on the keyboard. Sometimes Fun+PrtSc

2. Once you’ve taken the photo you need from a window, paste it into a program for editing, for example in the MS Paint program.

How to open this program:

  • Click the Start menu.
      – After clicking on the “All Programs” option, select the “Accessories” menu.
      – Click the “Paint” program from the drop-down menu to open the program.
      – After opening the Paint program, run the “Paste” command from the “Edit” menu to paste your previously taken image.
    You can now enlarge your changes.
    You can also use these programs for editing.

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