How do I download free courses from Udemy?

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Various websites in the field of technology offer courses to educate the people. People have to pay to buy them, one of them is the popular international website called Udemy.  Some people may not have the money to take the courses from this website.  There are two popular ways to download these courses for free: first through Udeler software, second through Utorrent.  In this article we will guide you on how to use Udeler software.  How to download free course from Udemy website using Udeler.
1: First you need to create your account on Udemy website.

2: You need to download Udeler software from the Internet and install it on your computer.  This software is completely free.  You are not required to pay for this software.

3: Once you have installed the Udeler software, login to the software using the email and password on which you have created an account on the Udemy website.  At the time of logging in you get 3 options from which just click on Login Using Credentials and enter the email and password on which you created the Udemy account.

4: Once you have installed and logged in the Udeler software, now go to Google and open a website called  When the website opens click on the Category option.  You will be taken to a page of all the courses that are available on the Udemy website.

5: On the current page you will click on the course of your choice, when we click below you will click on the Take Course button.

6: When you click on the Take Course button the second page will open, click the link next to the red button called Course Coupen.  You will be taken to the Udemy website page.  And then click on the Enroll now button.

7: Now just copy the title of your chosen course and paste it in the search bar of Udeler this will give you the download option automatically.  Just click this button now and download your course.

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