How to download video from YouTube?

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Many friends have asked you to download a video from YouTube, which I will share with you today.

There are many apps in the Apple Store and Google Play Store that people use to download videos from YouTube but most of these apps have ads and are annoying to the user or are not free for iPhone users.

The following link is better than other links and is free from ads and you can download videos from YouTube, Tiktok and Vimeo.

How to use:

1. Go to YouTube and follow your preferences.
2. Below the video is the Share button, click it.
3. You get a list of applications, you click Copy Link.
4. Now go to your browser (Safari, Chrome, Opera or Mozilla), and open the YouTube Downloader link
5. A website will open for you, enter the copied link from YouTube and click Download.
6. Another page will open for you with video formats. Choose the one you like and click Download, then the download will start.
Of course, you cannot download music content through this link.

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