How to view or mirror mobile screen and data on your computer?

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If you want to view your mobile screen, pictures, videos or other works on your computer screen, you can do this operation with the help of the following application and enjoy screen mirroring.

  1. Download and install the TeamViewer app from the App Store or PlayStore on your mobile.
  2. Install the same program on your computer from
  3. Now open this application on both mobile and computer
  4. On the screen of your mobile phone, you will get an ID number next to Your ID. Remember this ID number.
  5. Check the Team Viewer application on the computer screen. There comes a Partner ID. Type the same mobile ID in the Partner ID and click Connect to Partner.
  6. A form will appear on your mobile screen. Allow it
  7. Now you can view the mobile screen on your computer and do things from there. Note: Your mobile phone and computer must be connected to the Internet.
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