If you have the following (10) signs, it means that you are also a smart, sharp and intelligent person:

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  1. You may not like quiet people, or think that these people will be simple, such people often like loneliness and are immersed in thoughts. Highly intelligent people usually talk less, they spend some time thinking about what they hear or have heard and find appropriate answers. They prefer silence to useless and unimportant talk. Of course not all silent people fall into this category or group. Silence may have other factors as well.
  2. Smart people do not allow problems that threaten their lives. Smart people know how to prioritize problems and prevent them before they make their lives miserable. If you are a person who sees problems as opportunities, thinks calmly about solutions and solves them normally, then you are a smart person.
  3. Smart people are always looking for perfection, every time they see progress in it than in the past, they are always a little different from the times before, these differences are felt in many areas of their lives.
  4. Smart people who work in any place show their abilities and people know what a person is like. Smart people have a habit of working with and interacting with people like themselves.
  5. Selfishness, or self-love, or narcissism is present in most people. Most people are not truthful about themselves, but people who accept criticism and criticize themselves are also among the smartest. Accepting healthy self-criticism, self-improvement or self-improvement are signs of your intelligence.
  6. Recent research shows that people who stay up late and do their work on their own have higher intelligence than those who get up early and work, which is similar to IQ. Staying awake late at night does not help alertness, but smart people do not go to bed early and think about work late at night, in which they fall asleep.
    For example, when family members fall asleep, they are still awake, studying, planning their activities, and eventually falling asleep during the same activity.
  7. Smart people try to keep abreast of the latest developments, changes and developments in the world. Always trying to edit and add to their information, learn quickly what is related to their lives.
    Gathering information, keeping abreast of new events and information, expanding one’s skills, knowing the secrets of a better life are the characteristics of smart and intelligent people.
  8. Busyness is a sign of ingenuity. Intelligent people always have two or three tasks or projects and are busy with them. Most of them know other languages ​​especially English and try to understand the place. Remember important proverbs and terms. Read street and house signs, be precise, write on the subject of your choice, read. Smart people learn even while having fun.
  9. Smart people do not interrupt or talk at length, they are silent and listen. If you ask a question that gives a true answer, can give useful advice, invites you to the right path. If you listen carefully and enjoy what your friends are saying, you have a higher level of intelligence.
  10. People who have a few perfections and skills and say that they are all perfect people have a low level of intelligence. But those who do not choose are smart people. Because the more you know, the more you realize your shortcomings and your arrogance decreases.
    People who have enough knowledge and are still learning are smart people, smart people are not interested in showing themselves.
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