Osama bin Laden

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Osama says my father had his own plane when the Saudi king did not even have his own. The current construction of Haram Miki was done by Osama.
The Saudi royal family is still indebted to Osama bin Laden. He further writes that he did not know how many days passed in his father’s life in which he used to offer one prayer in the Haram, another in the Prophet’s Mosque and the third in the Holy Mosque.
There is a famous dream about Osama that he saw in his boyhood.
When he mentioned this dream to his father, his father took him to a scholar who explained the meaning of the dream and said, “Your son is very blessed. To protect him, he will prepare an army for Imam Mahdi.” ۔
When Saudi Arabia began to feel threatened by Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to give bases to the United States, Osama strongly opposed it and even said that you should not allow Jews to enter the Arabian Peninsula, I will protect you through Mujahideen.
But where The Jewish plan to invade the Arabian Peninsula was carried out and a case was filed against Osama bin Laden.

In the grief of the Ummah, this prince left the blessed land of Haram and turned to the rocky mountains of Afghanistan.

People like Osama bin Laden do not die
Rather, they live in the hearts and become the subject of struggle.

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