The difference between computer science and computer usage!

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There is no difference between computer science and computer use in our society.

  Everyone thinks computer science is the same as Word, Excel and other small programs. But the reality is not like that. Computer science is a combination of mathematics and engineering that requires decades of study. It is not necessary to be educated in Word or Excel. Computer science is the science through which programs are created, algorithms and guides to physical devices are written.

In short, computer science is not specifically a separate science but a joint branch of mathematics and engineering that will be addressed in the future.

Scientists who say that computer science is not a separate science, argue that computers analyze, research and evaluate the things that people have created, so we cannot call it science. But computer scientists as a whole are not in agreement to call science science, every computer scientist defines it in the light of his or her field.

Computer science as a whole can be divided into different parts such as software engineering, database, network, etc., which is the basic programming of all. There will be no branch of computer science that is not related to each other but there should be a good program writer who can work or study in any field.

Computer tasks then depend on the specialists. Today, computer science has written millions of programs that help scientists specialize in science and make their work easier. There are dozens of programs in civil engineering, for example. A specialist engineer can use that program very well according to his department. But a computer scientist may not be able to open it. There are also dozens of other software similar to Microsoft Office to facilitate administration, which administrative staff should use for their own convenience but not computer literate. Because his specialty is program writing, not program work. It is true that a computer scientist, like other people, should know the general functions of a computer, but it is not necessary. In short, every literate person in the community should be able to use a computer.

Those who want to choose this department for their studies should study this issue carefully and know which department they are studying. May God help us to equip our country with advanced technology so that like other countries we can enjoy the benefits of technology.

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