Instagram took advantage of the ban on Tiktok in India.

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Instagram, a popular social media photo publisher, has made a huge profit after the ban on Tiktok in India.

According to international media reports, Instagram, under the umbrella of Facebook, which is one of the most popular for photos, has now introduced a feature called (Reels) for making videos similar to Tiktok.

According to the report, the Instagram feature, called as Tiktok, was first tested in Brazil, where the experiment was successful, followed by France and Germany. Presented to the public.

With this new feature of Instagram, Instagram users are given music or sounds and music like Tiktok, which allows them to create up to 10 seconds of video and post it on Instagram.

But in India, Instagram introduced the feature after India banned 59 Chinese apps, including Tiktok.

It is worth mentioning that Instagram had announced the release of this feature last year, but this feature was introduced to the public much later.

Tiktok, developed by a Chinese company, had 120 million users in India, but after the deterioration of political relations between India and China, the Indian government decided to ban 59 Chinese applications, including Tiktok. This is because people have complained a lot about it and they feel that the security of their country is being endangered by these applications.

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