Tips for detecting Phishing Emails.

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Phishing Emails

The simplest and easiest way is for hackers to send phishing or fake emails which are easily hacked by most people.

Often when we receive an email from you, people do not see the email sender’s email, and do not notice whether the domain from which the email was sent is correct or not, but look directly at the content of the email, and He clicks on links and files sent by the hacker.

Hackers take advantage of our ignorance and hack us easily.

If you want to be safe from hackers, first of all check the sender’s email.
No popular company uses Gmail or Yahoo Mail, but sends emails from their personal domain address.

Another is that hackers copy the domain name of a company or organization and add or subtract characters from the name, meaning that there must be an error in the spelling, which people do not notice.

Also, any email sent by hackers has a lot of errors and grammar. Before you open any mention link in the email, check the content of the email to see if it meets the criteria.

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