Tirah Valley, Tehsil Barra, District Khyber

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Maidan, Tirah

Tirah Valley is a beautiful area. Its lush plains and mountains are not hidden from anyone. The overflowing water and springs here add to its beauty. The Tirah Valley in Pakistan is no less than Kalam and Murree. That is why nowadays tourists turn to Tirah.

Maidan Bazar, Tirah

Tirah Valley is located in Bara Tehsil of Khyber District.
The Afridi tribe resides in the Tirah Valley, which is an honorable and hospitable tribe of Pathans. As usual, the people of Tirah Valley still welcome their guests and provide them with all kinds of facilities. Thousands of tourists visit here every year.

Bagh Maidan, Tirah

The Tirah Valley is about four hours from Peshawar on the border with Afghanistan. All the necessities are available here. Diesel and petrol humps are available here. Jalebi, Tirah Cheongam, and Dandasa are some of the popular items here.

Dwa Toe, Tirah

The most famous visited places in Tirah Valley are given below.

  • Nary Baba
  • Sandana
  • Nagrosa
  • Tarkhokas
  • Mehraban Kalai
  • Khaist Kala
  • Dwa Toe
  • Bagh
  • Haider Kundu
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