Video games and their impact on our lives

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The video game industry dates back to the 20th century. There are now 2.7 billion video gamers worldwide; 1.5 billion gamers in Asian countries. Of these, 600 million play video games in China alone. There are no exact numbers of video gamers in Pakistan. One out of every two people who use a smartphone; One of them plays video games once or twice a week.

Video gamers spend an average of $123 on video games every three months. 57% of video game makers reside in the United States. In 2019, Apple’s App Store earned $14.7 billion from videocams. The video games industry is now worth $131 billion, more than Bollywood. China’s video game industry is also worth $34 billion. Video game makers have grossed nearly $26 billion this year.

25 new video games are released every day. The PUBG game is used by more than fifty million people a day, but is not named in the top ten games.

  The video game industry has undergone a complete overhaul in the last decade. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, smartphones, high graphics and a lot of resemblance to the real environment. These games are played by young and old. People over the age of 50; Is about 11%. 30% of gamers are under 18 years of age. 59% are those; They are over 18 years old and under 50 years old.

Men play more video games at age 32 and women at age 36. 67% of people play video games online with others. 2.2 billion people play video games on smartphones and the rest on game consoles and computers. But 66% of people like to play video games on the game console.

Video games have been created in almost every aspect of life and industry. Such as war, sports, business, management, leadership, language learning, driving, imagination, aerospace …

Video games also have a profound effect on human behavior. Many video games require users’ personal information and use that information and the person’s interests and interests in advertising, intelligence issues, surveillance, personality tracking, new product design and more.

Most video games use algorithms to determine users’ personalities, interests, and lifestyles. And users can’t easily; It leaves the game. There are such reports; That Ludo game is sponsored by a powerful intelligence agency in the region and its data is used for its own intelligence purposes.

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