Why switch from WhatsApp to Telegram or Signal Messenger?

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When we want to communicate with someone we send a text or voice message on WhatsApp. There are some people who have no privacy in their private messages. A good example is the use of Facebook Messenger. Most people do not even know what happens to their messages being exchanged through these platforms.
Let’s take a closer look.

Before I judge these platforms I am not an expert on Online Security & Privacy but I have done research on this for years and recently I switched from Google Chrome to Firefox and search engine was DuckDuckgo and thus I have avoided many other applications, firewalls, websites and imaginary personal networks in the electronic life. So what I am writing here does not mean that I am proud of my years of research and experience in this field.

My suspicions about WhatsApp were heightened when Facebook bought WhatsApp for money, at the highest price of an application in the field of technology, Facebook did not buy WhatsApp because it is secure and more. There are users but with WhatsApp lay the personal messages and information of millions of users which is more important than anything to the information hungry Facebook.
This was still not a concern for me because one company only buys one app from another company.
A few months later a job was announced in our office, a friend called me for help and I kept the number, then my friend sent me a message on WhatsApp asking for some information about the job.
After our messages I checked my Facebook to see if this person’s Facebook profile came up with recommendations, I was skeptical because Facebook said it would not in any way mix WhatsApp data with Facebook which was a blatant lie. .
But I still use WhatsApp because none of my friends and acquaintances still use any other application besides WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
Another variant of WhatsApp has come to the App Store and Google Play Store called WhatsApp Business and there are reports that in the future WhatsApp will also put commercial advertisements on the front page of the users. We all know that specific advertisements can only be published when someone is aware of all the stories in one’s life because the farmer should not be given laptop advertisements and the engineer should not be given advertisements related to shoe equipment. All in all, commercials hurt people’s access to personal life and personal information.

Okay, so what do we do now?

Great question, there are now great alternatives for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp which are Signal and Telegram. You can also see the positive feedback from people in the App Store and Google Play Store about these two apps.
Here we will discuss the features of both the applications.

Signal Messenger:

Signal is in every sense an open source, free and secure messenger.
Has apps for Android, iOS and Desktop. The number of other messengers also features voice and video messages, voice and video calls, group voice and video messages and calls. Another feature is end-to-end encryption, which includes both voice and text messages. No one can read your messages and the signal promises to keep it that way.
Another feature is that you can set a time for a message to expire after a certain time. For example, if you want a message to stay with someone for five minutes and then disappear, you can do it and the other party can’t do anything about it, ie your message can’t be deleted.

Another very interesting feature is called Screen Security which you can enable in the Privacy Settings section.
When you enable this feature, you will not be able to spy on any chat, nor will you be able to take a screenshot of the chat, if you suspect that some of the apps you are monitoring are free.
The other most important feature is that when you call someone, your phone shares a secret code with the opposite phone. When both codes are the same, your phone rings, without which your phone is disconnected and then Trying times.
If any government department browses your internet, you will not see anything.
When your phone is connected you will see the code on the screen and ask the other party if their code is the same amount, if you have the same type of code then continue your call or if not hang up your phone and Please try again.
Signal has promised that they will not place any ads in the app that are still up to their promise. WhatsApp had promised the same thing but when it bought Facebook it has now broken its promise and is monitoring users’ personal information.
Now if you fear the privacy and security of your personal information the signal is better than WhatsApp.


Telegrams are like signals, their APIs and protocols are all open source but their back end is hidden, maybe for privacy reasons, we’ll talk about that later.
Telegram also has applications from Signal for Android, iOS Mac, Windows, and Linux. Telegram also has encryption for all voice and text messages and sends messages faster than any other messenger because its servers are scattered around the world.
One of the features of Telegram that no messenger has is that it has no size for the size of the files, meaning you can share as many files as you want with someone.
Note: “I read somewhere that has 1.5 GB of space, but this is not true.”
Signal and WhatsApp do not have the above feature i.e. the volume for files is limited.
Telegram is also great for people who want to have thousands of people in a group because 100,000 people in a group can accommodate 100,000 which is a very large number.
The signal amount Telegram also has a time setting feature for the message that allows you to give a message time to meet that set time and clear the message itself.
I mentioned earlier that Telegram also has encryption but this encryption is not in normal messages. You have to use Secret Chat to use this feature.
I have said before that Telegram servers are not open source which means we do not know what happens to our messages but we do know that our messages do not stay there in the form of plain text or it is possible for Telegram to read our messages.
My point is not that you don’t believe in telegrams because there is no reason not to believe yet and don’t lie.
Hear this one fact another!
No information on the internet is 100% secure so you can’t trust any application or website but we have to take action against those who are obviously stealing our information and we see it.

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